About Me

Stuart Bowyer

We often try and explain the extreme impact of highly improbable events with simplistic answers based on a retrospective understanding. To understand where possible disruptive events may occur, it is far more important to focus on what you do not know than what you do know.

We focus on helping companies identify plausible futures that involve disruptive innovation that may disrupt the market they operate in today.

Founder, Stuart Bowyer is an experienced advisor with 23 years of experience in the field of management services delivered through client advisory engagements. He specialises in institutional strategy development, competitive strategy development and strategic planning.

Recently Stuart’s focus has been to help firms outsource business processes in the areas of strategic procurement and policy development. Stuart has also managed complex technical integration projects for numerous private and public sector clients.

Stuart holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Oxford where his interest in social innovation started. His research interests focus on how new markets get built and what incumbent firms do when their value is disintermediated by disruptive technologies. Also, how they can improve the major programmes of transformational technological, cultural and organizational change that are often at the heart of the competitive strategy.


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