Stuart Bowyer

Stuart Bowyer

Stuart Bowyer provides strategy consulting to businesses who wish to understand how disruptive technology may affect their business, or how to harness opportunities as part of a go to market strategy. He specialises on how disruptive innovation evolves and why it is so hard to foresee, how nascent markets adopt disruptive innovation and the reaction of incumbent firms when threatened by it.

Disruptive innovation is different to sustaining innovation, which comes from competing firms operating within the same market. As disruptive innovation will come from outside of your market it is very difficult to predict. Once in your market it is also hard to understand at what pace, if any the market will adopt the technology.

Drawing on over twenty years of experience working in three industries that have been all been disrupted, Stuart provides thought leadership and develops practical strategies that are also grounded in the latest research to help clients harness the opportunities available to them and avoid the common pitfalls.


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